Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Book review: The Chef

The new stand-alone thriller from the World's Bestselling Author Police detective by day, celebrity food truck chef by night, now Caleb Rooney has a new title: Most Wanted.

This was my very 1st James Patterson book that I have read and won't be my last either.....also I have NEVER read 99 chapters either, so it was a first for everything.

I absolutely loved this book and New Orleans!!! I also love Mardi Gras too. I live about an hour away from NOLA

A great story of a cop trying to clear his name in a murder in the line to duty. He is also a chef who really loves his hometown!! He would do anything to help it. I will stop there before I give it away.......

This book really promotes New Orleans a lot, as it should because it takes place there. There are some recipes for some great Cajun foods in the back of the book as well

I give this book:

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